NHPCO’s Diversity Advisory Council provides information, guidance, and technical expertise to NHPCO and its members related to serving diverse populations with the goal of increasing access to universal hospice and palliative care services.

The Council participates in helping to set the direction of NHPCO’s efforts to support provider members as they expand and continue their efforts to increase access for diverse populations, assist with the development of resources/tools related to serving diverse populations, and offer recommendations regarding presenters and content for education. Meets monthly.

Membership affiliation:
Any employee or volunteer of a Provider, Palliative Care, State, or Associate member of NHPCO is eligible to serve on a Committee or Council.Individuals must meet the membership eligibility requirement based on the membership status of their employer. Individuals not belonging to one of these categories may be eligible to serve on a Council upon approval by NHPCO’s Leadership. NHPCO membership information is available at www.nhpco.org/membership or by calling NHPCO’s Solutions Center at 800-646-6460.

Full Council member expectations can be found in the Guidelines for Committees and Councils.

Aparna Gupta, Vice President Quality, 571-412-3968.