NHPCO’s Ethics Advisory Council focuses on ethical issues identified by the Council, the Board of Directors, and NHPCO members.

The Council plays a central role in advising and updating organizational stakeholders on ethical issues in hospice and palliative care by providing ethics content and opportunities for discussion across NHPCO’s learning and professional development platforms; authoring and updating relevant NHPCO technical publications; and serving as an interdisciplinary resource in ethics to NHPCO leaders. Meets every other month.

Full Council member expectations can be found in the Guidelines for Committees and Councils.

Membership affiliation:
Any employee or volunteer of a Provider, Palliative Care, State, or Associate member of NHPCO is eligible to serve on a Committee or Council.Individuals must meet the membership eligibility requirement based on the membership status of their employer. Individuals not belonging to one of these categories may be eligible to serve on a Council upon approval by NHPCO’s Leadership. NHPCO membership information is available at www.nhpco.org/membership or by calling NHPCO’s Solutions Center at 800/646-6460.

Contact: Rory Farrand, Vice President, Palliative and Advanced Care, 412-443-4602.