Join CEOs, Executive Directors and Presidents of hospice and palliative care programs to discuss topics of particular relevance to senior leaders. From organizational challenges to strategic development, this group is a key resource for leaders in hospice and palliative care.

CEO/Executive Director Professional Activities

      • The CEO/Executive Director Mentoring Program
      • This program matches experienced volunteer managers with people new to the field to help mentees become more effective leaders in their hospice and the community.

Now Accepting Applications 

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CEO/Executive Director Steering Committee

CEO/Executive Director Community Leader
Lisa Novak, MA
Chief Executive Officer
Northern Illinois Hospice – Rockford, IL

Cindy Curry
VP of Hospice
ViaQuest – Dublin, OH

Dan Haire
Navian Hawaii – Honolulu, HI

Demetress Harrell, MA, LBSW
Chief Executive Officer – Sr. Executive Director
Hospice in the Pines – Lufkin, TX

Zachary C Holt, MBA
Crater Community Hospice, Inc. – Petersburg, VA

Donna Morgan
Chief Executive Officer
Columbus Hospice of Georgia and Alabama – Columbus, GA

Lori Stagg, RN, MSN
Division President
LHC Group – Lafayette, LA

Phillip Ward
Community Hospice of Northeast Florida – Main Office – Jacksonville, FL